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Promo and Important Details

Started by rohit021988jain Apr 30th, 2022 at 20:58
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Apr 30th, 2022 at 20:58
Hello users,

Important Notes -

-Omni Bronze, Omni Silver, Omni Platinum and Omni Diamond Users can now cash out once in 30 days and they can cash out investment and profit
Example - $100 membership and profit $20, user can cash out up $125 once in a month.
(This is because users' request)

-New RR based membership launched with amazing profits. Please check forum - Membership details

-Before any user extend or take investor membership, he must make sure to have NO RR, otherwise RR will be removed and no compensation will be added. We have disabled and created new membership for some reason and users are requested to support and respect the rules.

Here are promo details

deposit $10 - $500 : get 5% additional bonus
deposit $501 - $1000 : get 7% additional bonus
deposit $1001 and more : get 10% additional bonus

1) Additional bonus will be added into purchase balance
2) Please create support ticket after deposit.
3) Airtm deposit - please send funds to and create support ticket with screenshot of successful transaction with details.

PROMO ENDS ON 03-05-2022

Happy Earning

Andy and Rohit
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