Frequently Asked Questions

It is a Paid to Click site where user can earn by - View Ads,  Surveys,  Completing Tasks, Profitable Upgrades,  Fixed Profit Rented Referrals,  Adpacks. 

User can earn more by :

Rented Referral - Earn fixed 120% Profit each month.

Adpack - Buy adpacks and earn proft.

Refers others - Get a fixed $$ when your referral upgrades.



minimum withdraw  $0.10

Payeer & Perfect Money.

Register, Verify your account by clicking activation link sent to your email.

Then, go to -

The reason could be as follows:

1) User migh have put incorrect account details.

2) For first withdrawal, user does not have to deposit. After first cash out, user can cash out 200% of deposit. This rule applies for user who earns via View ads, Upgrade, Revenue share, etc.

That means, after first cash out, it is compulsory to deposit. Transfer main balance to purchase balance will not be considered as deposit.


3) User who has earned money via Offerwall need not to deposit for cash out, in this case , he must send proof with screenshot of earning record with Offerwall, He can contact via support/contact section by creating ticket.

It takes 24-72 hours for upgraded members and upto 2 week for non-upgraded users. 

Note - we dont pay on Sunday and Holidays. On such days, user will see a rule - you must click 20,000 clicks ( this rule will appear only on Sunday and Holidays)

We do not pay on Sunday, so This rule is set when Sunday falls according to the time of Admin country.

this rule does not appear from Monday to Saturday.

At the time of site launched.


we have informed that we can not pay any comission to referral clicks due to great number of fake accounts.


may be, in future, we would give a second thought.



Rented Referrals
1 RR cost $1
Each RR makes 1 click per day and produce $0.04
that means $1.2
means 120% ROI in 30 days.

Extend Discount
will be announced soon.


We do not support Autopay.

We have two kinds of memberships ;

please check them here -

Thank you

The admin does trading.

Yes, there is risk involved. Always invest on you own risk. We do not provide any guarantee.

If it is your second withdrawal or onwards.

You can cash out 150% of deposit.

Example - if your second cash out is $3 , you must deposit $2 before making request.

But there is another clause too -

- If user earns via Offerwall only, then no need to deposit. In this case, user is bound to send earning details with screenshot along with sending support ticket. so that we can verify .

NOTE - transfer main balance to purchase balance is not considered as deposit.

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